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StarAgilis Controller / LTU / 2020 

Partner project sponsored by gaming & technology based startup, StarAgilis.  My partner for this project was Jenna Moss, LTU ID class of 2022.

The brief from StarAgilis was to design a next-generation gaming controller incorporating their unique technology allowing for large amounts of data storage, multiple device connectivity, internet access, and a large touch screen. Dimensions and requirements for the controller's internals were given to us as a base to design on.

Our controller was designed to create an accessible entry point for those who are new to serious gaming while enhancing the experience of using the company’s unique and innovative technology. With a friendly aesthetic, soft gummy controls, and an ergonomic shape for all hand sizes, this controller is the perfect starting point for new gamers looking to play for long periods of time.


My partner created the ergonomic form test models and ran testing with them. She was also responsible for material research and choice as well as initial user data / surveys.


I was responsible for sketching, CAD, renders, and 3-D printing the final model.


Research, Ergonomics, and Design Direction were all a collaborative effort.   

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