Elvira Moka Twist / Parmigiano Reggiano Design Challenge / 2021

Inspired by my nonna, a woman who would refuse to give up her independence in the kitchen well into her 90s, the Elvira moka Twist provides the same classic moka experience with an easier twist. Many older users are unable to create a full twisted seal due to degenerative joint issues such as arthritis. The extended range of motion provided by the two handles significantly decreases wrist pain when tightly sealing the moka pot closed. The form itself captures the original moka pot features while seeming twisted itself, playfully hinting at the interaction between the user and the product.

Designing products with problems such as Arthritis and joint mobility issues in mind will help both to provide personal independence and keep cooking traditions alive in an older population as well as provide opportunities into the culinary space to disabled people who are limited with the current state of cooking products that don’t provide them the ability for independent culinary experiences.