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Desktop Zen / LTU / 2020 

Taking inspiration from classic Japanese Zen Gardens. The Zen toolkit was created to combat anxiety in the workplace and help quell the physical symptoms of panic attacks in through attractive and friendly physical products.

magnet rock.jpg

Accupressure “Watch”

Using a main pressure point under the wrist, this useful and stylish “watch” provides calming pressure to the body’s nervous system.

watch context.jpg
magnetic rock context.jpg

Magnetic Rocks

A modernized version of Japanese stacking rocks from Zen gardens, these “rocks” allow for physical calming through stacking and fidgeting.


Using a concave shape and a minimal design, the white noise resonator creates a personal moment of peace and quiet for the user.

resonator context.jpg


I found bringing in a natural material and an element of softness was important for the packaging of Desktop Zen. Pine wood and soft fabric top bring the soft and finishing touch to the minimal tools within. 

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