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Crowd Cycle / LTU / 2020 

Detroiters Working for Environmental Justice sponsored LTU's Junior Industrial Design and Graphic Design studio to challenge students to create new solutions to improve recycling in the Detroit area.

Evolved from a partner project with Graphic Design student, Joseph Rosales, Crowd Cycle is a recycling solution for large-scale public events, such as music festivals. 

According to the BBC, Major Music Festivals create 100 tons of waste per day, with only 20% of that getting recycled, on average. Some festivals such as Lollapalooza have been able to divert more waste to recycling by employing volunteers to police the waste stations.

Crowd Cycle is a conceptual technology-based recycling consultancy for temporary events and festivals. Through an app, a system of “binions”, and event management, it helps festivals and events recycle more waste without having to hire staff to police the waste stations.


I was originally responsible for the design of the bins as well as half of the projects concept, and have updated the graphics from my partner's last iterations.

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