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Balloon Chair / Render Weekly  / 2023

Featured on Render Weekly's Season 7 Week 3 #rwcloudy theme. Modeled as if it were a small part or toy made out of plastic, the Balloon Chair is a speculative visualization piece of furniture designed to evoke the excited feelings of a balloon filled occasion :)

Salt and Pepper Shaker / Render Weekly  / 2023

Fight Club Soap / Render Weekly  / 2023

Featured on Render Weekly's Season 7 Week 1 #rwsoap theme: a little single in-scene light source action for the soap from the loved and / or dreaded film bro classic.

Tom Dixon Hydro Chair / Personal  / 2023

Created as a fun challenge for my CAD and Rendering abilities, I built one of my favorite existing chairs, Tom Dixon’s Hydro Chair, in Rhino 7 and rendered it in Keyshot.

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