Rumor Chair / Personal Project / 2021 

A homage to the telephone chairs of old, this is a comfortable and inviting armchair with a worksurface intended for casual reading, note taking, tablet usage or display. In addition to creating a unique proportional footprint, the hard worksurface creates another possible material for end users to personalize to their individual liking.

Telephone chairs were often casually referred to as “gossip chairs” during the height of their usage and popularity due their combination with the telephone. Sitting in their chairs, friends would often discuss the most scandalous and freshest social news of the day, earning the chair its moniker. The Rumor Chair’s name is a nod to the telephone chair’s casual nickname.

Standing out from the crowd with its offset yet endearing proportions, the Rumor Chair is an instant classic that feels comfortable alongside any furniture piece. Intended for online customization and ordering, the rumor chair is focused on modular customization.