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Amateur Hour / Detroit Month of Design / 2020 

As COVID-19 alters almost every human experience, the Pophouse team continues to ask ourselves, how do we create better environments for employers and employees as we get back to the office?

The Meditation Pod is a safer space for individuals to meditate, work, and relax in, away from the rest of the office. Built with easily cleanable materials and formed for privacy while maintaining clean air circulation, this pod is a safer and more affordable alternative to cramped private tech booths that have populated office spaces in recent years.

"The Meditation Pods that our team has been developing is one of the ways we believe employers can enable team members to mentally and physically restore comfortably at work" 

- Chrissy Fehan, Design Director of Pophouse 

Brainstorming and design narrative were completed as a team effort. I was responsible for aesthetic, design, sketches, CAD, and renders with input from leadership.

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